The scanner moving along the vacuum table scans the leather. Received data is transferred to MES generating a data file. The scanner is programmed to obtain the information about the edges and flaws on the surface. This information will be used to make the automated processing and cutting as efficient as possible.

Transportation film is applied for further automated processing of leather through all the cells of the cutting center.

The robot uses the glue tool to apply glue onto the leather edges. Then rollers with transportation film are moved to the rollout table with the help of AGV mobile robots. Rollers with transportation film on are taken from the mobile robot and placed into the defect detection and film application cell. The film is rolled out over leather with previously applied glue on the edges. The vacuum table switches on, the film presses against glue and is glued to the leather.

The robot changes the glue tool to the laser tool and cuts the film above the leather. The cut-off film is removed.
Now the product is ready to be rolled-on and can be transferred to the next processing cell.